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Consult all the documents and reports of the CircularBIM project (under construction)

O1. Establishment of common learning outcomes on placing methods based on Circular Economy criteria, Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and relative regulations.

O1.A1. Comparative study on the normative for placing constructive elements with concepts of Circular Economy.
O1.A2. Sustainable construction methods and procedures used for Circular Economy concepts.
O1.A3. Reports on the results of First Workshop in Bucharest (Romania), hosted by Asociatia Romana Green Building Council (RoGBC).
O1.A4. CircularBIM Course Curriculum based on ecological challenges and BIM technologies.

O2. New interactive BIM-learning methods for Circular Economy

O2.A1. Guideline notes and functional specifications.
O2.A2. Interactive CircularBIM Tool.
O2.A3. Pedagogical test and implementation of IT improvements of Interactive CircularBIM Tool.
O2.A4. Technical test and implementation of IT improvements.
O2.A5. Report on the results of Second Workshop in GuimarĂ£es (Portugal), hosted by Universidade do Minho (UMinho).

O3. CircularBIM Open Educational Resource (OER)

O3.A1. IT production of Open Educational Resource.
O3.A2. Pilot CircularBIM Course implementation: environment test and technical improvements.
O3.A3. Report on the results of Final International Seminar in Seville (Spain), hosted by Universidad de Sevilla (USE).